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Commercial Tenant Improvements & Custom Interior Services

Custom Design + Build for Your Retail Interiors, Commercial Interiors, and Corporate Interiors !

Custom interiors can say a lot about your brand. It has to be just right to ensure your customers and guests get the right impression about who you are and what they can expect.

Our commercial tenant improvements team in Vancouver understands the importance of customizing spaces to fulfill specific objectives. We design + build custom Retail, Corporate, and Commercial interiors for your spaces. Using your ideas for the intended use of the space, our custom interiors are tailored to your needs. Let our custom desig + build services deliver the right impression of high-quality services and goods you offer.

Combining the mindset of a relationship-based small contractor with the stability and resources of a highly motivated, experienced, and client-oriented team, Hallmark Projects Ltd. is qualified to offer customized Tenant Improvements solutions while providing the high standards and quality clients have come to expect.

Why Make Tenant Improvements ?

Tenant improvements (TI's), also known as Leasehold improvements are the custom interior finish outs a landlord or tenant makes to a commercial rental space (office, retail, or warehouse space). The amount of build out to be completed or the tenant allowance needed to do the tenant improvements is typically negotiated up front between the landlord and tenant and is part of the overall commercial lease agreement. 

Simply put, TI's, are the customized alterations a landlord or tenant makes to rental space as part of a lease agreement, in order to configure the space for the needs of that tenant.


Our Commercial & Retail Tenant Improvements design + build services in Vancouver come with the combined knowledge and experience of established professionals enabling us to deliver seamless project management solutions. We proudly serve in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Have a look at our gallery to see some tenant improvement projects our team have worked on.

Hallmark Projects Ltd. specializes in creating beautifully executed commercial interiors for each project, large, medium or small. We provide hands-on management to keep the Tenant Improvement project on time and on budget. We are a full-service interior construction firm from concept though implementation.


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