Bathroom Renovations


Bathroom Renovations

The majority of bathrooms in older homes were constructed in unused areas. They were incorporated into the design as necessary, similar to closets, but never given the same level of attention as the living room or kitchen. The porcelain claw tub was superseded by the wall tub, which reigned supreme until showers became fashionable. People didn't start thinking of the bathroom as an end-user space rather than a temporary chamber until the late 1980s. This is when jet spa tubs began to appear indoors, necessitating greater space to accommodate them. As a trusted home bathroom renovation contractor company and condo bathroom renovation contractor company in Metro Vancouver, Hallmark Projects knows all about bathroom renovation and is always available for client consultations. The average bathroom used to be made up of three traditional parts fitting into a 5' X 7' box in practically every home you visited not long ago: sink, toilet, and shower-bath. By today's standards, this style of restroom was sparse, but it fulfilled its job. The shower curtain designs, vanity top, towel color, and floor were the only features that distinguished it from the bathroom in the next house. Then, some thirty years ago, the bathroom began to grow and get luxurious. Improvements in design and renovation techniques have completely blown away the old bathroom, replacing it with a living environment that is complete in every manner. Bathrooms with open-concept designs now compete with other popular parts of the house, such as kitchens and living rooms. This holds true for both home bathroom remodeling and condo bathroom remodeling projects in Metro Vancouver and Hallmark Projects is well-positioned to deliver on a variety of bathroom renovation and bathroom remodeling requirements for our clients. Many bathroom renovation and bathroom remodel designs have seen significant changes in this part of the house. 'Space' is the theme of this new design. The original 3-piece cubicle has become a distant memory in today's bathrooms, which are so large. Bathrooms, like bedrooms, kitchens, and other living areas in the house, have evolved into a leisure zone. After a shower or sauna, you may rest and relax in the modern bathroom while watching a hockey game on the flat-screen television or reading a book while listening to the audio system. As a bathroom renovation contractor company and bathroom remodel contractor company in Metro Vancouver, Hallmark Projects knows all about how to create that leisure zone in your bathrooms. To acquire a larger bathroom, some bathroom remodel contractors and bathroom renovation contractors will chisel space out of other rooms such as closets or a spare bedroom. However, this reduces the size of these rooms, which may lower their resale value. What if you don't have access to another room? There are still methods to make a fantastic bathroom out of the one you already have with a little creativity. Give Hallmark Projects a call to find out how we can create that amazing bathroom without sacrificing the use of other spaces. If the goal is to encourage relaxation, you may wish to integrate specialist features during the bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel. Subdued lighting in the tub area may be preferable, but greater lighting near the vanity and mirror for shaving and doing make-up may be preferable. Include a changing space with seating if possible. If more than one person will be using the bathroom at the same time, different sinks and several mirrors may be necessary. If space and functionality are crucial, then well-planned storage should be emphasized in the design. To reduce clutter, use cabinets, shelves, and elegant containers to store necessities in the room. A bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel involves a lot of creative use of space and existing features and as a trusted bathroom renovation contractor company and bathroom remodel contractor company in Metro Vancouver, Hallmark Projects can use your existing bathroom space and features to create something fabulous. Modern bathroom fixtures are more widely available and affordable than they have ever been. Working with home and condo owners, Hallmark Projects can easily change a once dreary and drab bathroom into reflections of modern luxury thanks to the broad selection of contemporary styles available to us through our wide network of vendors and suppliers. So, if you're planning a bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel in Metro Vancouver, keep in mind that you don't have to stick to the traditional bathroom styles. Talk to Hallmark Projects about the most up-to-date styles and designs in the bathroom makeover industry in Metro Vancouver today. You'll be reveling in the new modern décor of your bathroom before you realize it.

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