How Much Will It Cost?

  We get asked this question a lot. Like, a LOT!   Many times, prospective clients reach out to us wanting to know the cost of a proposed project. Some are home renovations and others are commercial renovations. Some provide us with detailed information including any required drawings; others provide…

01 Dec, 2021

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5 Sustainable Office and Home Renovation Ideas

In our last blog, we discussed 10 great ideas for a tenant improvement project. We will continue and build on that last blog by further offering 5 sustainable office and home space renovation ideas.   What is a sustainable renovation? Essentially, this means an upgrade or improvement to your office…

04 Nov, 2021

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Some Great Ideas for A Tenant Improvement

Doing tenant improvements and renovations to your office space is crucial to your business success. As your business grows and adapts to meet demands, so must your interior space change and evolve to reflect the growth.   Improving and renovating your office space will not only reinforce your branding but…

01 Oct, 2021

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The Future of Office Space Occupancy

How has the traditional office space occupancy and leasing fared during Covid-19? Terribly! But we all know that already. Where is the traditional office space heading in terms of employee occupancy? Towards a flexible work-from-home option. But we already know that now also. But will this flexible hybrid model be…

24 Aug, 2021

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Ongoing Construction Materials Price Increases - Part-2

In my last blog, I pointed out that price increases in building material products like steel and wood were due to a combination of factors including the stifling in supply lines due to COVID-19 and the boom in construction projects.   Even though the Covid-19 pandemic played a role in…

14 Jul, 2021

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Ongoing Construction Materials Price Increases - Part-1

On a hike out at beautiful Cypress Mountain this past weekend with some dear friends, one of them asked me about the reason(s) why we have been seeing the kind of price increases in construction materials in the local market. They were particularly concerned because they had just bought a…

23 Jun, 2021

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