Some Great Ideas for A Tenant Improvement

Doing tenant improvements and renovations to your office space is crucial to your business success. As your business grows and adapts to meet demands, so must your interior space change and evolve to reflect the growth.


Improving and renovating your office space will not only reinforce your branding but will also improve employee productivity and increase overall business efficiency.


Doing tenant improvement & commercial renovations can sometimes be a demanding and overwhelming endeavor trying to determine some great ideas. However, the benefits of recreating your workspace into a modern environment that not only fosters team collaboration, efficiency, and productivity, but also makes a great first impression on customers and clients is an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Some Great Ideas for A Tenant Improvement

Here are Some of Our Top Tenant Improvement Ideas to Help You Make That Decision


Take down those cubicles – Cubicles are obsolete. No one wants to work in a closed, cutoff environment anymore. Studies have shown cubicles are unhealthy for employees, and discourage collaboration, communication, camaraderie, and productivity. All the things that tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook have realized are the driving forces behind their employees’ creativity and productivity.


Go Green – essentially, we are just recommending some improvements to liven up and enhance employee mental health and well-being. Natural lighting is great for starters, but if you don’t have floor-to-ceiling windows at work consider some improvements to your lighting fixtures. The biological benefits of lighting are referenced in this short article and indicate that lighting and color play an important role in employee concentration and motivation, as well as helping them stay calm. Eco-friendly furniture and appliances also qualify as ‘going green’. Indoor plants also make a wonderful addition to any interior space. Check out this article about the benefits of having plants in your workspace.


Think Pod – consider adding a new space/room in your workspace. The Think Pod will be where employees can get together to collaborate, brainstorm, troubleshoot, and propose solutions to business challenges together as a team.


Workspace Color Scheme – The environment color scheme plays an important role in influencing mood and energy. There’s nothing like a bland office space to contribute to employee demotivation and boredom. Vibrant, bold color schemes help employee concentration and motivation.


Kitchen Upgrade – most office kitchen spaces are old, worn out, falling apart, and uninviting. If your employees would rather sit on the sidewalk to have their lunch or coffee instead of using the office kitchen, you know it’s time to redo your kitchen space.


Bathroom Upgrade – For many office washrooms, it’s time for a complete makeover – dirty, stained floor tiles, water-damaged laminate countertops, faulty plumbing fixtures, graffiti marks on toilet partitions, and faded wall paint. When your employees would rather use the coffee shop washroom down the road instead of the office washroom you know it’s time for the office washroom renovation.


Breakout Area – these are gaining in popularity. A breakout area is an open space away from workstations that is open for use by employees or visitors. It is a place for short-term, informal use. They may be used for a brief informal meeting with a vendor, coworker, or visitor. Breakout spaces are open areas which differentiates them from boardrooms or meeting rooms which are enclosed for privacy. Breakout spaces can be simple with a few, well-chosen décor, or elaborate with audio/visual appliances, mini coffee bar, ping-pong, or pool tables.

Some Great Ideas for A Tenant Improvement

Give us a call at Hallmark Projects Ltd to know more about what we can do for your workspace and how we can bring some tenant improvement ideas to your overall business environment.



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