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[Remodel or Renovate? What’s the difference?] - Although the terms "home renovation" and "home remodel" are frequently interchanged, it's crucial to get the terminology right before speaking with a contractor if you're planning big home modifications. As a trusted home renovation contractor company and home remodeling contractor company in Metro Vancouver, Hallmark Projects always explains engages with clients to understand which type of home improvement exactly they are looking for. While both home renovation and home remodeling will improve and refresh your living space, they are two different types of home improvement services with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s describe five essential distinctions that can help you decipher the jargon—renovation vs. remodel—and choose the right home improvement type that is right for your home. [Home renovation improves the appearance and feel of a room—or a whole structure—without altering its function.] - A kitchen remains a kitchen and a bedroom remains a bedroom during a renovation, although repairs and modifications are undertaken. Painting, installing new floors, and replacing cabinet knobs and faucets are all examples of what this entails. The term "renovation" also refers to the process of rebuilding a structure. If rotten wood members are detected, for example, they will be removed and the area (wall, subfloor, or roof) reconstructed with new timber. Interested in knowing more about renovations? Contact us to know more. We are a trusted home renovation contractor company and home remodeling contractor company in Metro Vancouver. [The design—and sometimes the structure—is changed during home remodeling.] - Home remodeling is the process of modifying an area's functioning and appearance. It could entail taking down a wall to extend a bathroom or rearranging a kitchen plan so that the cupboards, refrigerator, sink, and range are all in different places. A makeover would also include the construction of an addition to your home. However, home remodeling does not always have to entail big structural changes; it can be as easy as converting a guest bedroom into a home office. A home space has been remodeled if the area's purpose has changed. Interested in knowing more about home remodeling? Contact us to know more. We are a trusted home remodeling contractor and home remodeling company in Metro Vancouver. [Home Remodeling is usually more expensive than renovating.] - Because home remodeling may entail changing a home's physical structure, it's common to have to reorganize the wiring, plumbing, and ducts, making the project more complicated and costly. Home remodeling frequently necessitates more expert work, as well as higher material costs, because many remodeling projects entail the construction of additional rooms or habitable spaces. While the ultimate cost depends on the scale of the job and the quality of the materials used, home renovations are typically less expensive because they are less complex. Interested in knowing more about home renovation costs and home remodeling costs in Metro Vancouver? Give us a call. [Investing in home renovations yields a higher return on investment (ROI).] - Home renovation projects typically cost less and entail fixing and modernizing a home's core elements, so homeowners will likely experience a higher return on investment than home remodeling projects when they sell their homes. As a trusted home renovation contractor company and home remodeling contractor company in Metro Vancouver, Hallmark Projects can deliver the results that will give added value to your property when you’re ready to sell. You may spend a lot of money upgrading your home to add a large three-season room to the back, but if your roof leaks and your furnace doesn't function, buyers will look elsewhere. Check out the chart on our Home Renovation webpage for return on investments on different renovation types. [When it comes to a home that’s been poorly designed, home remodeling is a better option.] - Home renovations will not fix problems if you have to pass through one bedroom to get to another, or if the water supply lines to your kitchen sink are installed in an outside wall and freeze practically every winter. Home remodeling is often the only option when a home is poorly planned. Poor design is more common in older dwellings built before stricter building rules were enacted. Have a home remodeling planned? Give us a call. We are a trusted home remodeling company and home remodeling contractor in Metro Vancouver.

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